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There is a person behind every good design 

"There is no point hiding behind a product that you are proud of. I am actually quite proud of my collection" says Louise Smærup

Designer and artist Louise Smærup is founder of the company and designes all products in the collection that you can find here on the site

Louise Smærup started out as an artist in 1999. Through her job as a decorater, the passion for interior design grew gradually.
Today Louise Smærup lives her dream every day as an artist and designer of her own products. In her work as an artist, she has acquired uncompromising
demands for quality and originality. Most of the products are Danish produced and packed and sent with love.
Louise Smærup is inspired by the diversity of the Scandinavian raw nature and its many potentials. Nature's durable shapes, motifs and contrasts also ensure timeless designs.
For the sake of interior design, it offers many possibilities. Products and paintings can be mixed into many styles, and stand alone or engage in an environment.

A room should be able to accommodate people

Louise Smærup is the born optimist and never gives up, nor on her own principles. She has a clear position that a room should be able to accommodate humans, and therefore interior must not be too dominant.
Louise Smærup's trademark is the stringent colorless line, expressed in everything she does.
The paintings are an illustrative blend between the visual and the verbal, which shows the reality we are living in. She is largely inspired by old trees, stones and the raw and unsightly, which is communicated through contrasts that are adjusted by light and dark.
With it´s timeless products, Louise Smærup's collection, offers a minimalistic and stylish expression.

Let yourself be inspired and allow yourself to play with your home setting.